Indoor Cameras P1

Indoor Cameras I C2

720p HD Pan/Tilt Indoor Security Camera

24/7 Home Security Monitoring


It will not let you miss anything
that you care about

Any important information, it will tell you at the first time

Any important information, it will tell you at the first time

  • 1 Smart iSeeCam Cloud camera

    An intelligent iSeeCam camera can identify abnormal movements and sounds. It will send alarm messages immediately to your smart phone. It would show all the alerts to you directly, so that you would not miss those important messages.
    * Currenlty model C1 supports push notification to your smart phone for motion and sound detection while model P1 supports push notification to your smart phone for motion detection only.
  • 1 Okay, I already know, do not keep reminding me

    If you do not need to receive push notification, you can simply disable it in your mobile App. Or you can set the notification according to your needs.
  • Watch conveniently and securely

    It is convenient to watch.

    Real-time video, alarm video, my favorite video, as long as you want to watch, click on the app, you can watch all the time and anywhere on the Internet. Furthermore, world-wide deployed servers bring better user experience to global iSeeCam Cloud users.

  • Watch conveniently and securely

    Secure watching on Amazon Web Services with full data encyption

    All the data including videos stored on Amazon Web Services for international market are fully encrypted in each step from our camera side, transmitting to cloud, storing in cloud and transmitting from cloud to user's mobile app and web app while using iSeeCam Cloud service.

An iSeeCam Cloud camera with 360°
panoramic view

iSeeCam Cloud cameras support horizontal 355°and vertical 100°rotations,
giving you a more complete and free visual experience.

Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3

Quick Pan/Tilt Rotation to Preset Positions

You can preset multiple positions for your iSeeCam Cloud camera and name them in the iSeeCam Cloud App, for example, door, window, sofa, etc. When you want to see the position, simply press the preset position in the App and the camera will quickly response to pan and tilt itself to the preset position. 

Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3

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